Monday, August 20, 2012

Rewind... The Honeymoon

Seattle Trip!

Holly Washington is where this story starts.  Holly is about an hour and a half west of Seattle. Here is the place we stayed in.  This house belongs to Chase's uncle and aunt who let us stay here for 2 weeks!  It sits about 40 feet from the water and offers a beautiful view!
While we were in Washington we drove around and we saw a ton of these signs.  As we drove by one I was able to snag a picture of it.  We thought they were so funny, so Chase and I decided that we needed to register for it... but we never did.
Here's the view from our front yard
We went kayaking a few times which was super fun.  Here's us in our sweet getup! 

Holly is a tiny town pretty much in the middle of no where.  About thirty minutes outside of Holly there's a tiny town with a cafe and a pizza place.  The pizza was highly recommended so we tried it.  It was seriously some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life! Chase is pretty excited about it!
We went into Seattle a couple of times to see the sites.  Here's a picture of the city as we came in by ferry.
Below is a picture of what our ferry looked like.  The boat was huge!
While in Seattle we had some delicious clam chowder. Yum.
 Also, some delicious doughnuts.  You can't really tell, but we're eating some here.
 We bought some yummy candied nuts in town as well.  Chase is pretty excited, or scared, I can't really tell, about this pecan.
Of course we had to go see the Space Needle....
 And this crazy weird/cool fountain.
Back in Holly we also had s'mores.  Multiple times actually.  In the living room there was a wood burning stove so we took advantage of it!
Okay so I must tell you about this sweet adventure.  In the mornings the tide would be out at least a few hundred feet.  We decided to go out one day and explore.  These are our discoveries!

 Pretty neat ay?
These are our exploring outfits the boots are a must have! I'm also partial to my "all blue" look.
These are our treasures that we found.  We dug up all these clams to make clam chowder.  Notice the toy car... pretty sweet!  We also found a few Hermite crabs!  Chase loved those.  In the end we set them all free.  We decided that making chowder would be too gross and too hands on.

One of our last adventures was at this fancy Thai restaurant.  We thought it was so fun and the food was great.  

 Lastly, don't ask me why, but we decided to do a 1500 piece puzzle while we were there.  So we did!  After that I swore off ever doing puzzles again.  
This is the picture of our results.  We were very proud of our accomplishment.

In short, which I know this post is not, this was an amazing trip! We had SO MUCH FUN and this was a fantastic honeymoon.  


  1. I think I might need to move to Holly, Washington!

  2. oh my goodness girl it looks like you guys had tons of fun!!!! I love washington especially the seattle area so I am loving your pictures!!!!! you guys look cute!