Friday, August 10, 2012

The Wedding

I know it's been awhile, but I always like to think its better late than never!  To recap my last post I had just received a mission call!!  As most of you know, a lot has changed since then.  I'm now married!! Woooo!!  The supposed to be Sister Childs is now the new Mrs. Wasden!

Here are just some of my favorite pictures from that amazing day!
Here's Chase just takin' a sniff of my beautiful flowers.


The cake!! It was something like chocolate, double chocolate on the inside!  Delicious!!! A shout out to our cake maker Ms. Layne Wixom! We loved it!

We were married on May 25th!  I literally cannot express how incredibly happy I am.  Chase is the greatest thing in my life and our wedding is one of the best moments of my life! The wedding was absolutely wonderful.  I've posted some of my favorite pictures from the reception below!

Some of my beautiful bridesmaids!

We had so much fun at the wedding!  I loved the food, family, friends and the dancing!! It couldn't have been better!

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  1. Sarah your wedding pictures are amazing! you guys are such a beautiful wishes!