Friday, October 21, 2011

Mission Call!!!!

 I don't even know where to start.... well I guess I do...  it was on September 21st... I received a mission call to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

WOO HOO!  There's nothing quite as nerve racking, exciting and scary, all at the same time, as opening up that letter. I've been called to serve in the Kobe Japan mission. and I couldn't be more excited.  I leave on February 8th which seems so far away and so close all at the same time!

I am so blessed to have an amazing family and support system.  Here they all are -minus two who weren't here at this point.  My family happened to be in town the day my call came which was a huge blessing to me.

Oh!  Here they ALL are!

I am beyond excited to go on a mission.  If there's one thing in my life that I hold onto it's my religion.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.  This gospel is true!  I love it with all of my heart and I can't wait to share this love with the people of Japan!  My name is Sarah Childs, I'm going to be a missionary in Japan, I love my life, and nothing makes me quite as happy as saying I am a Mormon!

Friday, October 14, 2011

21st Birthday!!!

So many people made this such a fun weekend for me... not even just one day, but an entire weekend!! The birthday festivities just went on and on and on.... so much fun.  I don't even know where to start.  
Well.... first off, the Friday before my birthday Ricole took me out to dinner.  Randomly, somehow we ended up dressing the same.  It was so random, but it made it even more awesome! 
 After dinner we went to Divine Comedy.  This is us right before the show started just showing off our fashion sense.  Which, I might add, we find very classy.

Saturday I don't have any pictures, but it involved a lot of fun festivities with a bunch of different people, including great food and painting pottery.  Shout out to Chris who made it all possible. 

Sunday, my actual birthday, was so fun!  First off, the night before my lovely and most beautiful princess roommates, along with the help of Ross, decorated our house so I woke up in the morning to all these fun decorations.  Later that night the ward came over for dessert night which my birthday became a part of.   Here's the pics if you're interested.

 My beautiful roommates...

 Ricole who is my other half...
Sam, Jordan and Jenni...
 Spencer sandwich...

 Becca Pike who I love to death.  She's one of the most kind and sweetest people I know...
 The ward; Holly, Jenni, Jared, Topher, and Emily

 The couple; Michael and Ricole.  I love them both.
  Becca, Chris and Laura...
  Kelsey was so sweet.  She made two cheesecakes, helped decorate and photographed the whole thing.  She's such a great roommate.  Love you Kels!
This is one of my note balloons.  Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. 
Andy and I... That's almost a smile, just not quite there yet.  I think it's coming though.

I honestly had no expectations for my birthday, but thank you everyone who made it beyond amazing.  I had such a blast.  It feels great being 21!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conference Weekend!

This weekend was such a blast.  Friday was spent WEDDING dress shopping with none other than THE Ricole; such a fun experience.  A dress for her... not to be confused with one for me

Saturday we were able to go to the Saturday morning session of General Conference then we spent the rest of the day on Temple Square.  We went with Michael Brown, Elle Fuller, and Ricole's mom.  This is a picture from the top of the Joseph Smith Building.  I think the restaurant is called the Garden Room.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend.
Sunday morning I was able to meet up with Claire, who I just love to death.  We went to the Sunday morning session of General Conference.  It was so good to see her!  Just look at her, she's so beautiful!

Friday, September 23, 2011

San Francisco Baby!!

So... one of the greatest experiences of my life; starring Ricole Rogers, Michael Brown, Morgan Ahrens and I.  We all went to San Francisco for a few days to visit Michael's family and to see his brother Matt who was finishing up his service mission there.  It was such a blast!  Just for the record, I love pictures, so prepare yourself!  There's going to be a ton of them!!

Here we are, at the beginning, right before the real adventures started.  Ricole and I were just bracing ourselves to make the 11 hour drive starting at 6pm that evening. 
 The beautiful couple...preparing for the road trip.

 All of us on our long drive... umm... I don't think any of us could actually figure out what Morgan was doing.

This is our championship picture!  The guys did a great job driving all through the night and here were are, finally in Antioch CA it was 5:15am.  Great job boys!

Day 1
Pacifica beach and the Oakland temple 

 We brought a surf board so we could catch some waves, the only problem was, when we got there it was freezing!!!

 Later that day, after we had defrosted ourselves from the beach, we went to the Oakland temple.  Following which, we went to Fenton's Creamery!  It's this cute ice cream parlor that's in Oakland.  It's a locals favorite, and it actually makes an appearance in the movie "Up", because apparently some of the people who helped make the movie are from Oakland.  Pay attention the next time you see it, it's at the very end of the show. 

This is Michael's mom and I eating a yummy cookie deliciousness!

I know this is silly, but I don't have the time to finish this post, and if you've read this far alreday you're probably sick of reading anyways.  San Fran was so much fun though, we spent the rest of our time there doing yoga in Golden Gate Park and visiting the sites.  It was so much fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beginning!

This is officially the start of my blogging days!!  I want to have a place where I can talk about the happenings of my life.  Simple as they might be, I think a few people might enjoy them.  Here it goes...