Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recap of the Summer

I just want to highlight some of the fun things that Chase and I have done this summer.
First off... Chase and I went to a Josh Ritter concert.  I have never been super familiar with his music until now.  Chase loves him, so for his birthday I bought us tickets to his concert in Salt Lake. We started our date off by going to a fun new Thai restaurant.  The food was delicious!

In case you're not familiar, this is fried ice cream! Very yummy!
Here we are at the concert!

Here's Josh Ritter! It was a great concert!

One of the most fun things we've done this summer was camping with my best friend Claire and her husband Robert!
We went to Bear Lake for a night and spent the next day kayaking.  It was so fun!

 We got to the middle of the lake and decided to jump in.  
 You can't really tell... but that splash there is me diving in!
Claire and I just swimming around!

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  1. Fun!! Loved the Bear Lake pictures. Thanks for both of you!!!